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True Life: I am Underpaid and Fabulous

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True Life: I am Underpaid and Fabulous
Written by: Kaylin Czajkowski

I can say with complete confidence that being so fabulous is taking a toll on my bank account. It’s to the point where I think I’m under the impression: I’m not getting paid enough to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Have YOU ever felt like this, I can’t be alone?! Well, have no fear Sociables and fellow broke ladies! I’ve come bearing GREAT news – LOOKING the part, without having to PAY the part. Take a look at the following tips to be trendy without breaking the bank.

  • What I mean by “staple piece” is always make sure to have one handbag that is recognizable, AKA a designer piece. Before you fret, you can find great deals on designer handbags at Marshalls or TJ MAXX. Just the other day I found 3 Kate Spade cross bodies for just over $100! By adding this to your ensemble, you’re letting people know that you know designers and you recognize quality and luxury. You only need one of these items to reassure others that the rest of your outfit is of the same quality (even if it isn’t!) 

  • You can take a v-neck and a pair of shorts from a solid 4 to a 10 with some great accessorizing. Statement necklaces are the new black, and are pretty explanatory- they make a statement! (A statement saying you’re fabulous) You can find statement necklaces at (they have great deals in stores too!) If statement necklaces aren’t your thing, or you think they’re too bulky, try a body chain or a head chain – they’re soooo in style this season and are simple yet have a sense of elegance to them.



  • Bloomies and Nordstrom are my two fav department stores, and can have great deals depending on the season! However, we’re not always so lucky when it comes to “right place, right time” type of situation (at least for me). Look for other great deals using or and don’t ever forget to sign up for online stores’ email lists (they give you great promotions and deals, while keeping you updated). However, sometimes those deal websites don’t have what you’re looking for, and some sales aren’t significant considering item prices can be waaaay out of your ~budget~ comfort zone. My suggestion? Head to your local TJ MAXX and Marshalls. Like I’ve said, they have designer clothing, handbags and shoes for great prices. They also have the latest trends which is aweeeeesome! Have no shame in your budget game.


  • Sometimes looking fabulous isn’t about WHAT you’re wearing, it’s about HOW you wear it//how you LOOK while wearing it. Pair up a graphic tee (preferably a tee) with a bold lip choice and make it your own. Whether it’s for a night out or even a day at the beach, you can never go wrong with letting your lips make a statement! Some of my favorites are from MAC Cosmetics and NYX Cosmetics (sold in drugstores, Target, Ulta)--affordable and quality, the perfect duo!

So ladies, break your habit of breaking the bank with these Sociable Style Tips. I too, feel the pain of ballin’ on a budget, but it is what it is, make the most out of what you have and with your paycheck – Fabulous doesn’t mean brokenness. AKA, save the money for when you need a mimosa (or two) with the girls! #YoureWelcome

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