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Written by: Kaylin Czajkowski

Another week, another tee. This time I’m back as a #HappyCamper here to give you the inside scoop on how to make natural & simplicity totally freakiiiiin’ cute! Summer is a time of free spirits and wild hearts. It’s a time for exploration and a love of all things nature. However, how does one encompass all things trendy with all things nature? You may think it’s unheard of, but I am here to say it IS possible.

Being a female can be hard –  it always takes us an hour to get ready, 45 minutes to do nothing and 15 hectic minutes for everything else (can I get an amen?) However, when beings BFFs with Mother Nature for a weekend or so, there isn’t time to waste when there are adventures to seek!
The perfect camping outfit would be a light tee, like pictured above ( Not only is it breathable and airy, but has quarter-sleeves which is versatile for day time hikes or for when the sun goes down and the coolness seeps through your tent.

Pair your tee with a cute and more importantly comfy pair of denim shorts and taupe combats (perfect summer color boot found at Don’t forget a backpack to carry all of your must-haves, such as headphones (to tune out your parents when they’re totally buggin’), a flashlight with extra batteries, and hair elastics for when you need to braid or put up your locks to cool down.

Stay tuned for a ladies’ guide on how to be a #HappyCamper this Thursday.

Until then my Sociables – you know you love me ~XOXO, Sociable Girl~

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