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How to Be a Happy Camper While Camping: A Ladies Guide

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How to Be a Happy Camper While Camping: A Ladies Guide

Written by: Kaylin Czajkowski

In a world where women have a reputation for only caring about chipped nails, frizzy hair, and smeared lipstick – I’d like to make it clear we too like camping where we are roughing it out and getting down and dirty because it’s a life of ease, relaxation and just plain simplicity. However, women don’t have it as easy as men when it comes to “roughing it out.” We have long (tangled) locks we have to take care of with several products, we have menstrual cycles that change nearly every aspect of our body (from cravings and bloating to mood swings and acne). So ladies, I’m back this week with a guide to make you a #HappyCamper while you explore the wilderness and beauty of nature!



  • I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this line, but it really makes sense for camping purposes. As hard as it may be to leave the luxurious jewelries and outfits behind.. You’ll thank me when it’s all said and done.

    • Simple clothing is key. This includes swimwear, several pairs of socks, underwear, bras (ESPECIALLY sports bras for outdoor activities such as hiking), running shorts, sneakers, and tank tops. These are light pieces of clothing and better yet – comfortable pieces of clothing for your long days. For night time, you may want to bring a light sweater and leggings in the case that it cools down when the sun sets.

    • Less is more. Simple makeup (or even none at all if that’s what you prefer) is great because it’s light weight and won’t feel like your “face is melting.” My makeup suggestions would be Neutrogena's SkinClearing mineral powder (which gives you an even but light and refreshing finish) paired with your favorite mascara for fluttering lashes.

    • Say nay to frizz. You may not be able to wash your hair much (or at all) while camping so if I were you I’d bring some dry shampoo, hair elastics, and one or two hats. For all you ladies who think your oily hair cannot be tamed without a wash THINK AGAIN! I’ve gone a whole week (yes, 7 days) without washing my hair thanks to this FANTASTIC product: (they make it for each hair color for the tint to match your root color, and super inexpensive). PS: my closest friends (who would totally judge me or tell me “that’s disgusting” couldn’t believe how long I lasted, instead of saying “you need to wash that, they just said “I’m jealous, I neeeeed.” Anyways, moving back to hair – like I said, make sure you pack hair elastics for pony tails, and even cuter (and simple): braids! Braid your hair and put a hat on and you’ll be sure to cool off during those hot summer days!


  • While exploring and admiring Mother Nature, make sure you are prepared for when Mother Nature ~personally~ strikes. We can have an idea of when the strike is going to happen but every once and a while we’re caught off guard with an early surprise. Pack all feminine needs just in case, you don’t want to be miserable (especially while camping, that could get pretty ugly.)


  • The largest organ humans possess is their skin-- so TAKE care of it. While outdoors for days on end, you need to take precautions to make sure you are protected with maximum coverage. Bring sunscreen, chapstick AND Aloe-Vera soothing body lotion (just in case). Don’t forget to reapply every 2-3 hours and it would be best if it was water/sweat proof. (Yes, women sweat.. own it!) 


  • Safety first ladies! You must always expect the unexpected – injuries can be inevitable. This handy dandy kit should include things like Band-Aids, ointment, peroxide (for open wounds), allergy medication (and 100% Midol!)


  • This is pretty explanatory but often an easy essential to completely forget. Here’s your friendly reminder: Make sure to bring mosquito and bug repellent because what’s worse than clingy bugs? Clingy bugs that BITE. That can go from 0-100 REAL quick, so it’s better to be safe than sorry (just endure the disgusting odor instead of enduring the bites!)


  • Last but not least, the must-have essentials: a tent, some type of foam to lay flat for maximum comfort, a sleeping bag, heavenly pillows to rest your head after a looooong and tiring day and a cozy blanket. Non-perishable snacks and water (duh, you don’t want to be hangry!). Camera (for selfies and memories), hand sanitizer (or wet ones to kill bacteria), a flashlight, extra batteries, a radio/iPod, headphones, and a good book or magazine!



Well ladies, there is your guide to a happy time when in the day-shine! Show ‘em who is boss and strut your #HappyCamper stuff.
You know you love me XOXO ~Sociable Girl~

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