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Staying in the Sun & Away From Shady Beaches

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Staying in the Sun & Away From Shady Beaches:
Written by: Kaylin Czajkowski

I think it is pretty clear to most that shady beaches are a no-no. No one likes a shady beach, but then again no one likes a terrible sunburn that makes you look like a tomato and increases your chance of skin cancer. Dramatic? Yeaaaah, I’d say so. Likely to happen? Also yes! However, you can achieve a sun-kissed glow without majorly damaging your largest organ (AKA your skin). Here’s how:


  • Summer heat can be brutal, to say the least. So protect yourself to skin damage and do yourself a favor. Apply SPF 30 daily, and SPF 50 before outdoor activities (this includes afternoon runs, laying by the pool or beach, etc.) It’s important to note what “SPF” really means. Here’s a fun fact that I read on an online Huffington Post article: "The number means that it would take 30 times longer [if using SPF 30] to burn than not wearing any sunscreen. That means if it would take a minute to burn without sunscreen, it would take 30 minutes to burn after applying the recommended amount of SPF30 (...)”


  • There are some ladies out there that can’t just layout and achieve the golden/brown look they see via the media -- and that’s okay! Trust me, you’re not the only one out there and you shouldn’t feel like it either. Some women have pigmentation that is more susceptible to burn than to tan. However, this doesn’t mean that having a “tanned” look is impossible -- in fact it is very possible with a few simple steps and an application. I think you know where I am going with this: self tanner. Now before you huff and puff about the hassle, the streaks, and the “snooki” look I will tell you that I, myself, tan very easily and have used a self-tanner. My goodness, an angel must have sent it because it was a miraculous transformation going from Casper white in the winter to looking like a tanned goddess! Personal fav? St. Tropez! There are so many different variations of St. Tropez self tanner (shower tanners, which got AMAZING reviews, lotions, and sprays). Although this brand tends to be on the pricier side of the spectrum, it can be found at TJMAXX and Marshalls for a reasonable price under $20!



  • Ugh, this summers classiest and sassiest trend. Not only is it super diva and stylish -- but it also protects that gorgeous face from straight on sun. Giving you the perfect combination of summer sun without turning into a real life tomato (sorry, but someone has to keep it real with you). Pick yours up at a local Forever21 or even on their online store. These hats are everywhere!


  • Everyone wants to tan when at the beach -- but sometimes beach days last for hours on end and the heat can’t always be handled. Best solution: bring an umbrella! This way, you can catch some rays and not be bothered by any shade until you’re ready for a nice cool down.


  • It’s important to have yearly checkups with your dermatologist. Especially when tanning and doing outdoor activities. You’d rather be safe than sorry -- because if you catch something early enough it is treatable.

Stay bronzed, beautiful, and healthy this summer my Sociable babes!
That’s it for this week - you know you love me XOXO ~Sociable Girl~

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