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Written by: Kaylin Czajkowski

#Blessed this season to me is the summer bliss of July.
I mean, truly everyday is a blessing -- so this super cute muscle tank is not to be categorized as seasonal. Dress it down and show some skin for the summer months or dress it up and layer it with a leather jacket and a beanie for the cold days to come. Whichever way you style it, you’ll be looking chic!  
It is summer, though, so take my stylin’ advice is aimed more for these next couple of scorching months. My personal style calls out for a black bralette (or go with a pop of color if you choose) for a side reveal of your torso, while still having ~twin~ coverage. After all, the less clothes you have in the summer, the better! No one likes to sweat, or how I like to put it, glisten after getting ready and spending time doing your makeup and hair.
Being a female can be complicated, because we can never make up our mind and when we do, we change it. I often switch from wanting to be really simple, to really LOUD (with my clothing and accessories). Sometimes I want to come across as cute and flirtatious, and other times I want to look harcore and grungy. So where’s the happy medium between the two for this tank? I would personally add a boho (which kind of combines cute and sassy) touch with a gold body chain -- simple yet eye grabbing: the PERFECT combo.
Give this ensemble an add of sass with a felt floppy hat, paired with a Tory Burch leather wrap bracelet and a Tory cross body that matches as perfect as ever (can be found on or A deep red looks powerful and worn in good taste when looking for a pop of lip color.
The accessories and color choices are bold statements -- so the rest of the outfit would look best simplified. Go for a distressed denim, and old fashioned converse high tops. This gives you the simple, yet loud (HEY! I’m here) statement that many Sociable girls tend to struggle with (well, at least used to).
Until Thursday lovelies, you know you love me
XOXO, ~Sociable Girl~

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