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Written by: Kaylin Czajkowski

 Have you ever thought about the difficulties in relaxing? Why you can’t ever just be at ease? Yeah me neither, I’m usually too stressed to do something so outrageous. Lucky for you Sociable Apparel has the top 10 reasons your chill to stressed ratio is out of whack: 

1. Pressure from, well, everyone at all times for ALL things


  • No mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle & long lost relatives -- I don’t have a boyfriend, school is hard, and I’m still not sure what exactly I want to do after college.

2. Classes – Totally interfering with the important things I need to do, such as napping


  • I have to get up, get ready, sit through a lecture, and then study and do work at home on my own time?? What about down time? Not to mention this is totally interfering with my daily nap(s).


3. Stress – Totally stressing about boys, my weight, acne, and pretty much everything ever

  • Between getting fat, boys being mean, breaking out, and procrastination rapidly catching up, it makes it hard to even gather your own thoughts.


4. Overkill radio


  • *scream sings* “CUS BABY NOW WE GOT BAD BLOOD…. omg no, It’s happening -- it HAPPENED”

Nothing is worse than the radio playing the same song every hour for a month straight.

N o t h i n g.


5. The Perfect Instagram Post – Who has time to relax when I might use the wrong filter??


  • I can’t relax until I have the perfect “insta worthy” picture to totally make sure that jerk sees what he missed out on. But the timing needs to be perfect, because I also totally did it for the likes..


6. Having too many options – Because, really, how am I supposed to ever decide anything?

  • If there are too many options then I just CAN’T EVEN. Don’t stress me out like that -- that’s rude.


7. Living on a budget: Peace, love, BROKE

  • College is hard enough. I’m like totally finding myself and learning what responsibility and independence is -- now I have to do all this while being poor too? I’m offended.


8. Surviving (many) first dates – Because in that picture you looked like Tom Brady and in real life… just ew.

  • Like we’ve texted but I’ve never met you before so are we going to hug, wave? Ugh, this is awkward and I need think of an escape route ASAP. Bathroom window? Would he notice I’m gone? I knew I should have just stayed in and watched Netflix.


9. That text that leaves you hanging

  • Please don’t ever text me “Can we talk?” or “I need to tell you something” unless you want me to have a heart attack right on the spot. 


10. Rent is due, but there’s a sale….. sooooooooo 

  • SOS: I can’t be homeless, but I can’t be caught dead looking frumpy.


Just remember lovelies -- take a breath and let the rest come easy! There is beauty in imperfection and sometimes things may not be easy, you may be challenged, but when the going gets tough - the tough gets going. 
You know you love me, XOXO

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