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For the downtown girl with uptown sensibilities… #wearesociable!

Inspired by the evolution of social expression via news feeds and hashtags, Soci@ble® Apparel is a U.S.-based luxury lifestyle brand that captures top, trend-driven statements and transforms them into wearable style.

Soci@ble® Apparel is a new clothing brand that is poised to take graphic apparel to an exciting new level. Our mission is simple: use social media to identify emerging trends and acquire insight into the lifestyles and attitudes shaping the majority of our society. Then turn around and give our customers (a.k.a. the people who establish the trends) the fashion tools they need to express themselves in effortless style and comfort.

Styles within the brand consist of basic sleeveless tees and tank tops to more stand-out silhouettes.

What’s trending in your life? Find it at Soci@ble®!